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Please help me choose my next game project!

Time to start my next game! Initially i had 10 different ideas to play with but narrowed them down to 3. So here they are, tell me which one you'd love to play first! Of course, a lot still needs to be decided about gameplay mechanisms and all the more fine details, but hopefully it will give you a clear enough picture of the game concepts. 

Thank you!

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Snake Away, an Android video game brought to you by Rorkhan

Snake Away is an Android video game brought to you by Rorkhan. You are an adorable snake with ponytails and a pink ribbon, someone emprisoned you precisely because of that. Snake your way away and escape that fortress!

Snake Away, my first game, practise, spaghetti code plate, exercise, introduction to game development is out! 

It's been a long road, exactly one year (while working a part time job), since i started learning all that encompasses the making of a video game. Having always been attracted to the technical side of things but also the design process, be it graphic or conceptual, game development occured to me as an incredibly challenging yet rewarding task.

Something i would wish to do the rest of my life, i read many aspiring game developers start but never finish their project, i can see why now, there are many hurdles, one of which is wanting to make it perfect and constantly postponing the actual publishing.. So what you see here is a game that is not perfect, i didn't even include upgrades, but it is at least a minimum viable product.

WTF!? Seriously dude, a Snake game?? ... Ssshh, back off you boron, i reckon the concept is quite simplistic and overused, but it allowed me to cover many essential programming concepts (overloading, type casting, inheritance, encapsulation, weak referencing, ...) and actually finish a game! Something more complex and i probably would have given up. 

Being in my forties and not really a genius, the most challenging task was learning a programming language from scratch, Microsoft .NET C# in this case.

I'm far from being even remotely comfortable with it yet but oh boy, do i enjoy the ride. Going to bed with a bug you cannot solve, only to find a way, an answer when you wake up in the morning is cathartic.

After C#, it was time to delve into Unity, the cross-platform game engine and development tool, its relatively easy learning curve attracts many aspiring developers, including me, but like with any tool, you can hurry and sculpt a turd or go slowly and craft some more robust, efficient game. With Snake Away, i tried to stray away from the easy paths, the goal was after all to learn as much as possible.

Finally... "READY TO PUBLISH" shows up in green, an intense feeling of relief, pride and excitement for all the upcoming debugging.. hum, i meant next project to come! 

I'm debating whether to port this game on PC and iOS, let's be honest, i don't believe Snake Away has enough potential or game appeal to receive a green light on Steam.. That would be boner material! I'll submit it though, just for fun and curiosity, see how far it goes. As for iOS, i just need a second hand Apple computer, 3 years old max, so i can publish it on the App Store, development can be done on PC but publishing has to be done with a Mac. Don't tell me about a Hackintosh, virtual Mac machine, no one knows for sure if Apple tolerates it or not, i wouldn't want to risk my developer account anyway.

Thank you! For helping me get the ins and outs of game development, this is the first stepping stone, the most important one, the one that gets you going, ladies and gentlemen, start your engine!

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